GREASE NIPPLES made of Stainless Steel

Please find hereafter a selection of our grease nipples which we provide in the galvanized steel variant, in brass and also – as standard – in stainless steel.

The stainless steel grades we most commonly use are 1.4305 = 303 (V2A) and 1.4404 = 316L (V4A). Other models and materials can, of course, be supplied. Do ask us about the types wanted and sizes !


What is the origin of the “V2A steel” and “V4A steel” names? 

  • V2A Steel came about in the German Krupp steel works in 1912 as “Versuchs (test) smelt 2 Austenite” and has remained to this day as the most usual designation in Germany.
  • V4A also arose there as “Versuchs (test) smelt 4 Austenite” and continues to be known of under this test heading.

Austenite is the name for a chrome/nickel steel which cannot be hardened by heat treatment and is, as a rule, non-magnetiseable.


In particular, more and more enquiries are being made about V4A stainless steel. What makes this material so special ?

  • In contrast to SST303 (V2A), SST316L (V4A) steel – 1.4404 is additionally alloyed with 2 -2.5 % of molybdenum (Mo). This makes the steel that much more resistant to corrosion – especially in media containing chloride (seawater, swimming baths, chemical industry, etc.). In addition, its exceptional longevity ensures that the material is used in a highly cost-effective manner.


The standard grease nipples listed on the following pages are the products of our own manufacturing – with use made of these materials:

Descr.Steel gradeDIN (Europe)ASTM /AISI USAUNS GBJIS Japan
Machining Steel1.071811SMnPb30+C
Stainless Steel V2A1.4305X8CrNiS 18-9S 30300303SUS 303
Stainless Steel V4A1.4404X2CrNiMo 17-12-2S 31603316LSUS 316L
Brass MS 582.0401CuZn39 Pb3

In line with customer requirements, we also manufacture grease nipples and turn parts from these materials:

Descr.Steel gradeDIN (Europe)ASTM /AISI USAUNS GBJIS Japan
Machining Steel1.071511SMn30
Stainless Steel V2A1.4301X5CrNi 18-10S 30400304SUS 304
Stainless Steel V4A1.4401X5CrNiMo 17-12-2S 31600316SUS 316
 1.4571X6CrNiMoTi 17-12-2S 31635316 TiSUS 316 Ti

More materials available on request!

ASTM / AISI(American Society for Testing and Materials / American Iron and Steel Institute)
UNSUnified Numbering System for Metals and Alloys, mainly used in GB
JISJapan Industrial Standard

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GREASE NIPPLES made of Stainless Steel

GREASE NIPPLES made of Stainless Steel

UMETA TWIN-LOCK system – The life insurance for your machines and equipment

When maintaining your high quality machines and equipment, you should absolutely avoid quasi-lubrication!


What does quasi-lubrication mean?

Upon continuous operation, abrasion can easily take place between the metal piston and the metal cylinder of the grease gun. For this reason, the grease at the top of the piston can be pressed back into the cartridge at a low operating pressure without being noticed. In spite of all effort, no grease will be transported to the lubrication spot. In order not to expose your machines to this risk, we developed the UMETA TWIN-LOCK system.

In connection with two special sealing elements, it protects the precision piston from wear upon continuous operation. By the special arrangement of the sealing elements, the UMETA TWIN-LOCK system avoids quasi-lubrication and grease escaping the piston. The sealing elements are designed in a way that they adjust themselves to the corresponding operating pressure with respect to their sealing effect.


The EVER-FLOW system invented by UMETA ensures perfetct functioning of the UMETA TWIN-LOCK gun, even with thick grease and at the lowest temperatures.

This is ensured by an outlet valve equipped with a special ball stopper. Even semifluid biological grease will easily be transported by the vacuum developing during the pumping process.

This is another advantage of UMETA’s, where many other competitors’ products fail.






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