UMETA Handlever Oil Barrel Pump (steel tube)

  • with telescopic tube and steel discharge elbow
  • for 60/200/220 ltr. drums
  • suitable for motor, hydraulic, and gear oil, diesel, petroleum, heating oil, waste oil
suitable for motor, hydraulic, and
gear oils up to SAE 50
tube type made of zinc-plated steel
length/dip depth 440 - 860 mm
tube Ø Ø 25 - 35 mm
drum thread 2"
output 16 ltr./min.
300 ccm (10.1 oz.)/stroke
total height 1,250 mm
total width 520 mm
net weight 1,800 g
packed in cardboard box
gross weight 1,900 g
dimensions (L x W x H) 460 x 140 x 70 mm
Packaging Ref. No.:
cardboard box 9626830
Garage Equipment
Handlever Oil Barrel Pump

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