One-Hand Grease Gun

with clear gun barrel made of shock-resistant polyamide

  • for 400 g grease cartridges or 500 ccm bulk grease
  • with UMETA TWIN-LOCK system and EVER-FLOW system
  • standard with filler valve according to DIN 1283, alternatively with air release valve
  • clear and high restistant gun barrel
  • rust-resistant and robust material – for a long life
  • light and comfortable handling
  • German TÜV certified

Due to the transparent barrel, the type and remaining quantity of used grease cartridge of bulk grease ist always visible. While filling with bulk grease you always have full control about the grease level. No danger of overflow or halfway filling.

The extremely light polyamide barrel with the extra band knurls ensures optimal and comfortable handling, even with cold temperatures.

The robust material combines the advantages of rust-resistancy and form stability, even with crashs and other impacts.

This UMETA TWIN-LOCK One-hand grease gun offers you many possibilities. The one-hand operation allows for lubricating even hard to reach spots. Our approved powerswitch system provides the opportunity to adjust the grease supply from high volume to high pressure. Just press the button on the handle, and you will obtain optimal performance.   


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One-Hand Grease Gun


One-Hand Grease Gun

barrel versiontransparent, shock-resistant polyamide barrel
Ø60 mm (2 1/3″)
barrel length296 mm (11 1/2″)
suitable forgrease up to NLGI 3
filling capacity400 g (14.0 Oz.) grease cartridge
 500 ccm (16.0 Oz.) bulk grease
connection threadM 10 x 1 or G 1/8
upon request1/8 NPT
upon adjustment tovolumepressure
operating pressureapprox. 200 bar/ 2,900 PSIapprox. 250 bar/ 3,625 PSI
outputca. 1.1 ccm (0.03. oz./strokeapprox. 0,7 ccm (0.02 oz.)/stroke
testing pressure800 bar/ 11,000 PSI 
gun dimension403 x 170 x 70 mm 
packed inpolybag 
orprinted UMETA cardboard boxes 
weight1,080 g + accessories and packaging 
dimensions (L x W x H)405 x 172 x 77 mm

UMETA TWIN-LOCK system – The life insurance for your machines and equipment

When maintaining your high quality machines and equipment, you should absolutely avoid quasi-lubrication!


What does quasi-lubrication mean?

Upon continuous operation, abrasion can easily take place between the metal piston and the metal cylinder of the grease gun. For this reason, the grease at the top of the piston can be pressed back into the cartridge at a low operating pressure without being noticed. In spite of all effort, no grease will be transported to the lubrication spot. In order not to expose your machines to this risk, we developed the UMETA TWIN-LOCK system.

In connection with two special sealing elements, it protects the precision piston from wear upon continuous operation. By the special arrangement of the sealing elements, the UMETA TWIN-LOCK system avoids quasi-lubrication and grease escaping the piston. The sealing elements are designed in a way that they adjust themselves to the corresponding operating pressure with respect to their sealing effect.


The EVER-FLOW system invented by UMETA ensures perfetct functioning of the UMETA TWIN-LOCK gun, even with thick grease and at the lowest temperatures.

This is ensured by an outlet valve equipped with a special ball stopper. Even semifluid biological grease will easily be transported by the vacuum developing during the pumping process.

This is another advantage of UMETA’s, where many other competitors’ products fail.






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