UMETA grease guns

UMETA Grease Guns - at a glance

  • rolled coarse thread for high stability and easy disassembly
  • special pressure stability by cast aluminium head and thick-walled barrel
  • easy insertion of the plunger into the cartridge by a bulge in the barrel
  • inner cartridge stopper
  • stable hand lever with security handle
  • ergonomic T-grip with jam protection
  • knurled barrel for better hold and grip
  • separate air release valve or filling valve
  • special constructions possible
  • colours and imprints as per customer's request
  • individuel packaging
  • high wearing security - even after 30,000 strokes no wear is detectable
  • according to DIN 1283
  • wide range of accessories

Quality - made in Germany

UMETA grease guns stand for highest quality and reliability.

We are certain of this quality of UMETA products and have a guaranty of four years for all TWIN-LOCK grease guns with respect to function.


Accurate manufacturing, high quality materials and intelligent product features turn our guns into effective precision tools that effortlessly reach high lubricating pressures.


All UMETA TWIN-LOCK grease guns for 400g/14.0 oz. grease cartridges comply with DIN 1283 as regards physical dimensions and performance and are suitable for grease cartridges according to DIN 1284.


The EVER-FLOW-System invented by UMETA ensures perfect functioning of UMETA grease guns, even with thick grease and at lowest temperatures.


The grease guns will be delivered with a user's manual, either in a polybag, or in a coloured cardboard box.

We assembled the most common grease gun kits, which consist of the UMETA grease gun of your choice and the standard accessory parts like

Grease Guns

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