the first children with tutors and Mr Frank Maser
English lesson
the school under construction 2007
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the school in 2016
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Soccer team

UMETA accepts responsibility!

We are fortunate enough to be able to live in an affluent society, but we also have an obligation to help people who do not share this luck.


UMETA supports social institutions in Germany, for example the Children's Cancer Clinic in Bielefeld, sports clubs, charitable organisations etc. Since 2007, UMETA has also given considerable commitment to Tanzania, one of the 10 poorest countries in the world.


For us at UMETA it is intolerable that one side of the world has plenty, and that on the other side of the world abandoned orphans are starving or dying of AIDS. Anyone who has personally experienced this will never be able to banish the images as long as they live. To fight this appalling situation, we founded the Good Hope Centre funding association in September 2007 together with some good friends.

Since then, our work at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro has been producing a home for 80 orphans, which includes a school to provide optimum future prospects through a protected childhood and good education for "our" 80 orphans, in addition to 170 needy children from the local area, in other words a total of 250 children. This "village" will be opening at the beginning of 2011.


We are receiving considerable support from various directions such as business partners, personal friends, visitors to our funding events, well-known people or politicians. Despite this, we need to be able to permanently safeguard the operating costs for our home. I therefore ask you:

Please help us! "Our children in Tanzania" depend on your help! Please visit our homepage and inform yourself about the various ways you can help us. Why don't you join our funding association?


Unfortunately we can't save the whole world, but everyone here at UMETA is doing their very best to do what is possible within our means. Please help us to achieve this!

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly in the name of "our children" and all the committed staff at UMETA for your help!


Best regards,


Frank Maser

Social responsibility

We make it move.