Locking Plugs with Self-Forming Thread

  • for retrospective closure of boreholes
  • standard version made of steel, case-hardened according to DIN (650HV) and yellow passivated
  • with self-forming thread



By using UMETA locking plugs with self-forming thread (SFT / SFG) you effectively safe the thread-cutting process in the borehole.



The special thread angle and the specific hardness level allow these plugs to be driven and screwed into boreholes without prior thread cutting. Thus, the thread of the grease nipple forms ist counterhead. Later, the plug can easily be screwed out and be replaced by a standard locking plug. The exact size of the core hole depends on the material and must be determined by mounting tests. The consistency of the receiving material is decisive. The standard gauge for the installation bore diameter of 0.4-0.5 mm below nominal width have proved in daily use.


wrench size

L1thread length
L2total length
SFGself-forming thread (SFT)

 (all measures in mm)

SW 7

L1 L2 Thread SFT Ref.-No.: Steel
5.5 8.5 S 6 x 1 5180146

SW 9

L1 L2 Thread SFT Ref.-No.: Steel
5.5 8.5 S 8 x 1 5180116
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Plugs-Self Forming Thread

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