Grease Gun 75/PKM with pressure gauge

pressure gauge grease gun for the exact control of the operating pressure in order to protect pressure-sensitive components, bearings and gaskets

  • for 400 g grease cartridges or 500 ccm bulk grease
  • with high quality zinc-plated steel barrel
  • with UMETA TWIN-LOCK system and EVER-FLOW system
  • standard air release valve
  • alternatively with filler valve according to DIN 1283
pressure gauge pressure range up to 400 bar/5,800 PSI
alternatively with pressure range up to 1,000 bar/14,500 PSI
available with or without pressure release device
barrel version made of zinc-plated steel
special colours available
Ø 56 mm
barrel length 296 mm
suitable for grease up to NLGI 3
filling capacity 400 g (14.0 Oz.) grease cartridge /
500 ccm (17.5 Oz.) bulk grease
connection thread M 10 x 1 or G 1/8
upon request 1/8 NPT
operating pressure 400 bar / 5,800 PSI
output approx. 1.9 ccm (0.06 Oz.)/stroke
testing pressure 800 bar / 11,600 PSI
gun dimension 480 x 130 x 60 mm
packed in printed UMETA polybag
weight 1,555 g
+ accessories and packaging
connection packed in press.release 400bar 1,000bar
M 10x1 polybag without V000485 V000978
M 10x1 polybag with V000712 V000545
G 1/8 polybag without V000859 V000499
G 1/8 polybag with V000391 V000392
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