UMETA hydraulic grease fittings according to DIN 71412

- standard made of steel, case-hardened

- zinc-plated and passivated

- with tapered thread

With the UMETA SafeLube-System

you are always on the safe side due to:

  • special designed springs
  • specific interior geometry
  • high-quality balls
  • inhouse case hardening according to DIN

make our grease fittings

  • extremely leakproof and you avoid unnecessary loss of grease
  • durably and wear-resistant
  • permeable, even under high pressure

. . . and therefore simply a good choice!



UMETA Hydraulic-Type Grease Fittings according to DIN 71412


UMETA hydraulic-type fittings are suitable for all standard lubrication points, which have to be frequently lubricated in a reliably way. Due to their multi-purpose field of application, they are the most commonly used types of grease fittings.



In general, our hydraulic-type grease fittings according to DIN are made of steel, case-hardened, zinc-plated and passivated, and they are featured with a tapered thread. The head diameter is 6.5 (-0.2) mm /0.256" - 0.008". For safety reasons and in order to avoid abrasion wear, the standard demands 550 HV (Vickers) as a minimum for a surface hardness. Therefore, we operate this decisive process in our own curing oven. We offer various standard types also in brass or stainless steel SST303 + SST316L (V2A/V4A). Of course, our hydraulic-type fittings are also available in different angle versions, with a self-forming thread, or as drive-in type.



Upon request, UMETA manufactures hydraulic-type fittings  in other versions, with respect to e. g.

  • dimension
  • material
  • thread size
  • thread form (e. g. with cylindrical thread)
  • different opening pressure
  • surface colour (e. g. yellow passivated)
  • further surface treatment
  • unhardened
  • etc.



In order to allow for a proper lubrication with all common grease guns, the head space, which is necessary for installation, should be considered (please see table with dimensions).



As suitable lubricating nozzle, we recommend our hydraulic couplers.


Hydraulic grease fittings Type H1

straight version A - 180°




Hydraulic grease Fittings Type H2

angled version B - 45°/67°




Hydraulic grease fittings Type H3

angled version C - 90°



Grease fittings
Hydraulic-Type Grease Fittings DIN 71412

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