Grease Fittings - Stainless Steel

UMETA GREASE FITTINGS made of Stainless Steel

Please find hereafter a selection of our grease fittings which we provide in the galvanized steel variant, in brass and also - as standard - in stainless steel.

The stainless steel grades we most commonly use are 1.4305 = 303 (V2A) and 1.4404 = 316L (V4A). Other models and materials can, of course, be supplied. Do ask us about the types wanted and sizes !


What is the origin of the "V2A steel" and "V4A steel" names? 

  • V2A Steel came about in the German Krupp steel works in 1912 as "Versuchs (test) smelt 2 Austenite" and has remained to this day as the most usual designation in Germany.
  • V4A also arose there as "Versuchs (test) smelt 4 Austenite" and continues to be known of under this test heading.

Austenite is the name for a chrome/nickel steel which cannot be hardened by heat treatment and is, as a rule, non-magnetiseable.


In particular, more and more enquiries are being made about V4A stainless steel. What makes this material so special ?

  • In contrast to SST303 (V2A), SST316L (V4A) steel - 1.4404 is additionally alloyed with 2 -2.5 % of molybdenum (Mo). This makes the steel that much more resistant to corrosion - especially in media containing chloride (seawater, swimming baths, chemical industry, etc.). In addition, its exceptional longevity ensures that the material is used in a highly cost-effective manner.


The standard grease nipples listed on the following pages are the products of our own manufacturing - with use made of these materials:

Descr. Steel grade DIN (Europe) ASTM /AISI USA UNS GB JIS Japan
Machining Steel 1.0718 11SMnPb30+C - - -
Stainless Steel V2A 1.4305 X8CrNiS 18-9 S 30300 303 SUS 303
Stainless Steel V4A 1.4404 X2CrNiMo 17-12-2 S 31603 316L SUS 316L
Brass MS 58 2.0401 CuZn39 Pb3 - - -

In line with customer requirements, we also manufacture grease nipples and turn parts from these materials:

Descr. Steel grade DIN (Europe) ASTM /AISI USA UNS GB JIS Japan
Machining Steel 1.0715 11SMn30 - - -
Stainless Steel V2A 1.4301 X5CrNi 18-10 S 30400 304 SUS 304
Stainless Steel V4A 1.4401 X5CrNiMo 17-12-2 S 31600 316 SUS 316
1.4571 X6CrNiMoTi 17-12-2 S 31635 316 Ti SUS 316 Ti

More materials available on request!

ASTM / AISI (American Society for Testing and Materials / American Iron and Steel Institute)
UNS Unified Numbering System for Metals and Alloys, mainly used in GB
JIS Japan Industrial Standard
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Grease Fittings-Stainless Steel

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