Our manufacturing plant is in Bielefeld

because we owe everything to this region and to the people who live here!


If you see a grease nipple anywhere, it's most probably one of ours. 

After all, since 1926 UMETA has been the address for high-quality manual grease technology, which, unlike many other companies, we are still producing in Germany. 

And we plan to carry on doing so.



This is where we at UMETA live and work. This is where we create quality, with expertise and experience, and highly up-to-date production plants. It's no coincidence that grease nipples and grease guns from UMETA are known throughout the world for their durability and functional safety. One of our special strengths is our enormous flexibility when it comes to customer wishes. If someone needs a custom-made solution for his special design requirements, then he gets it - without any ifs or buts.

We place a high priority on first-class advice and customer care. This is why we were the first company in the industry to not only be certified by TÜV in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2008 but also for "customer satisfaction and quality of service". As a mordern, family-run company with tradition, we aim to represent reliability and partnership and remain a trustworthy partner well into the future.


Why not check us out yourself!




Frank Maser



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Manufacturing Plant

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