Flush-Type Grease Nipples

according to DIN 3405



Flush-type grease nipples are particularly suitable for installations where extending or protruding nipples cannot be used.



In general, our flush-type grease nipples according to DIN are made of steel, zinc-plated and passivated, and they are featured with a cylindrical thread. Of course, our flush-type nipples are also available in different angle versions, with a self-forming thread, or as drive-in type. We offer various standard types also in brass or stainless steel V2A/V4A.

Upon request, UMETA manufactures flush-type grease nipples in further versions, with respect to e. g.

  • dimension
  • material
  • thread size
  • thread form (e. g. with tapered thread)
  • different opening pressure
  • surface colour (e. g. yellow passivated)
  • further surface treatment
  • etc.



Flush-type nipples are only suitable for press-greasing by means of a UMETA extension tube or a UMETA push-type grease gun with pointed, pin-pointed, or combi-nozzle.

UMETA pointed nozzle
UMETA pin-pointed nozzle
UMETA combi-nozzle
ArrayFlush-Type grease nipples Type D1


Flush-Type grease nipples Type D1

straight version A - 180°



ArrayFlush-Type grease nipples Typ D2

Flush-Type grease nipples Typ D2

angled version B - 45°



ArrayFlush-Type grease nipples Type D3

Flush-Type grease nipples Type D3

angled version C - 90°



ArrayFlush-Type grease nipples D1/S with self-forming thread
ArrayFlush-Type grease nipples D1a, drive-in-Version

Flush-Type grease nipples D1a, drive-in-Version

straight version A - 180°



ArrayFlush-Type grease nipples D2a, drive-in-Version
ArrayFlush-Type grease nipples D3a, drive-in-Version
Grease nipples
Flush-Type Grease Nipples

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