Grease pump
Special coupler for hands-free operating

UMETA Grease Pump, foot operated - G-136

Grease pump for heavy duty, industrial strength that allows for hands-free and waste-free operation, mainly in the outdoor area.

The unique two stage pump creates a wave action that smooths out those annoying airlocks.

Grease will be supplied supplied up in the end in the canister, no follower plate is neccessary.

Therefore you will be independant from special bucket sizes, dirty and messed followerplates are history!


Portable with comfortable carry handle.


Foot operated treadle with pressure release.

When lifting the treadle, the pressure return valve is activated and grease flows back into the canister.

Two Stage Pump with pressure return valve Returns grease under pressure into the bucket. Easy and undangerours disconnection of coupler and hose - recovers from airlocks.


Fitted with high pressure hose, min. burst pressure 1,600 bar (23,200 PSI) special coupler G-136 (M10 x 1) for hands-free and mess-free greasing.


The big size bucket (8 KG, 282 oz) is suited for many greasing Points - no change of cartridges neccessary.


All steel parts are powder coated.

output 3ccm (0.10 oz)/stroke
operating pressure up to 690 bar (10,000 PSI)
filling capacity 8 KG (282 oz.), bulk grease
suitable for grease up to NLGI 2
flexible hose with Standard fittings length 2m (6.5ft) with special Coupler G-130, hose parking, high pressure up to 1,600 bar (23,200 PSI)
all steel parts powdercoated
packed in single carton box

Grease pump, foot operated

Scope of delivery Ref.-No.:
with 2m hose and special coupler G-136 (M10 x 1) 9626835

Special G-coupler G-136 (single)

Thread Ref.-No.:
1/8 " BSP 9626836
M 10 x 1 9626837
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Grease pump

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