Position of plunger for cartridge operation
Position of plunger for bulk grease operation
Filling from the bucket
Filling from the bucket
Filling by a grease filling device
Filling by a grease filling device

How to fill my grease gun with bulk grease?

When UMETA grease are sullpied, they  are prepared for being filled with grease cartridges.

But, of course, it is possible to fill the grease guns also with bulk grease, either directly from the grease bucket or by using a filling device.


For filling the grease gun with bulk grease, we recommend to turn the rubber plunger inside the grease barrel before.

Please note our instruction manual for the filling of UMETA grease guns with bulk grease, which you can download here:


Please be aware of the fact that the grease gun can be under extremely high pressure!


Never point the gun at yourself or at other people!

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