for high pressure hoses and nozzle tubes with hydraulic coupler.


Benefit from the possibility to grease different lubricating spots by simply change of the adapter.


UMETA quick-adapters are available with all common slide couplers and other nozzles, already complete assembled.


Even here we recommend the use of our swivel joint for a flexible and comfortable connection.

Quick-adapter, short

- allows for the flexible combination with various UMETA accessory parts

Connection Length Weight Ø Ref. No.:
M10 x 1 32 mm 45 g 20 mm 7323911
M 8 x 1 32 mm 45 g 20 mm 9907126


- for button head nipples M1 (Ø 16) according to DIN 3404

- button head coupler made of aluminium

length height weight Ø Ref. No.:
105 mm 28 mm 110 g 24 mm 7321651


- for button head nipples M4 (Ø 10) according to DIN 3404

- button head coupler made of steel

length height weight Ø Ref. No.:
107 mm 28.5 mm 100 g 18 mm 7321851


- for button head nipples M22 (Ø 22) acccording to DIN 3404

- button head coupler made of aluminium

length height weight Ø Ref. No.:
114 mm 38.5 mm 160 g 32 mm 7321751


- for cardan shafts, with hollow nozzle

length weight Ref. No.:
133 mm 80 g 7322451


- for flush-type nipples according to DIN 3405

length weight Ref. No.:
92 mm 65 g 7321151


- hard to reach areas

- for cardan shafts and smallest nipples of any kind

pin point tube outer Ø 4 mm
pin point tube length 55 mm
pin point inner Ø 0.8 mm
length weight Ref. No.:
95 mm 60 g 7321551

Swivel joint

For a flexible assembly between hose and coupler, we recommend using a UMETA swivel joint. With a UMETA swivel joint, the coupler can be turned to any desired position without having to hold the grease gun in an inappropriate position.

Ø 14 mm
length 30 mm
weight 11 g
spanner size 14
Type Connection Ref. No.:
140/G-20 M10 x 1 7331911
G 1/8 7331921
G 1/4 7331941
1/8 NPT 7331925

Quick-adapters in a handy carrying case

the practical case includes the complete range of quick-adapters,

consisting of each 1 x 

  • 200/M1
  • 200/M4
  • 200/M22
  • 200/K
  • 200/S
  • 200/XS
  • swivel joint
complete kit Ref.No.:
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